Saying Goodbye

First of all let me apologize for being out of touch for so..o long. As you might know, or have guessed, it wasn’t intentional. I took a bad fall last December and a knee wound ultimately sent me to the hospital for surgery, followed by 6 months spent in a rehab center, skilled nursing facility and assisted living unit. Then a further delay was caused by a move from my apartment to a retirement community. After filing personal and business tax returns for 2021, I could finally turn my attention to Midlife Discovery.

It has surprised me to discover how sad this process is for me. A tear or two has trickled down my cheek in the past month. But recently I’ve been chuckling to myself as I’ve realized, “Of course, you’re sad, you’re in the midst of a big life transition!”

For two decades I’ve been coaching midlife women as they wend their way through the challenging midlife transition and yet I’ve been surprised by my own sadness, as I make my way through a later life transition. That realization did make me laugh!

Still saying goodbye is never easy, but I say goodbye to you with gratitude and appreciation for you as a reader and friend. May your own times of transition bring you a more satisfying future, and also the occasional chuckle or two. Here’s hoping you greet the holidays and 2023 with much joy.

Make the year ahead a great one!