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A New Take on Midlife Goal Setting

September '14

Goal setting brings you many benefits. It helps you focus on what you want; it enables you to use your time well, and it propels you toward a desired outcome. As you probably know, your goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted (SMART) to be effective. Setting potent goals is such a […]

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3 Tips for Finding More at Midlife

August '14

As a woman who is 40 or beyond, you may well be ready to hit the pause button and craft a whole new beginning for the second half of your life. You belong to an unprecedentedly large wave of relatively healthy and well-educated women – reinventing themselves at the midpoint of their lives and charting […]

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A Secret to Success from a Supreme Court Justice

July '14

Sandra Day O’Conner has something to teach us about navigating life transitions successfully. When she graduated from Stanford Law School in 1952, she applied to firms that advertised, “We hire Stanford grads.” Every time she called one, she heard the disheartening words, “We don’t hire women.” Since she knew an appellate judge with a woman […]

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Good Reads and A Special Summer Offer

June '14

           Reading brings many joys; one of the greatest of these is an author surprise. I came across one last week when I was deep into the early pages of Jhumpa Lahiri’s latest book,”The Lowland”. The story began in Calcutta with an engaging tale of two brothers at play in the lowland. Just as […]

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Building a Summer Reading List

May '14

When summer begins, I think of books – a tall pile of different books just waiting to be devoured. I must admit these days the actual books exist on my iPad, but an image of a large stack of books brings immediate joy to those of us who love to read. So I thought it […]

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5 Evocative Questions for A Woman at Midlife

April '14

I thought it might be fun to switch things up a bit for this month’s edition of Midlife Discovery. After reading a recent interview with Anna Gunn of “Breaking Bad” fame, I was surprised to find myself focusing more on the questions posed to this talented actress than on the answers. If you’ve been reading […]

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The Hidden Problem with “No Problem”

March '14

Is the phrase “no problem” cropping up more frequently in your life? When you reach for your order at the counter of your local coffee shop and say “thank you” to the barista, does she reply, “no problem”. Or does the phone tech who helps you resolve a computer problem respond with the same, “no […]

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Two Easy Tips for Solving Tough Problems

February '14

If your life at work and home is similar to most midlife women, you continually face complex problems that are not quickly resolved. To lighten your load, this month’s Midlife Discovery presents two simple tips for approaching these head-scratching challenges. Why not give the two strategies a try? They’re actually supported by some research studies. […]

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New Approaches for those Pesky Resolutions

January '14

As we begin 2014 I thought it might be fun to share two ways of responding to the New Year’s resolution quandary. I liked one because it turned the very word resolution on its head and the other for its simplicity, so I adopted it – with a slight adaptation. I discovered the first while […]

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A Special Way to Say Goodbye to 2013 and Hello to 2014!

December '13

Since the year winds to a close today, I thought it might be useful to present you with a way to say good-bye to 2013 that can increase your happiness and health –  then offer you a way to say hello to 2014 that can improve your life. If you’ve been reading Midlife Discovery for […]

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