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Is “More” Always Better?

April '15

Yesterday, as I was about to order an intriguing report, I noticed four extra bonus reports included as an incentive to buy. I paused, and with a small sigh hopped off the sales page. I just didn’t want to bring any “more” stuff into my house that I didn’t need or want. How about you? […]

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How to Stop Your “Worry Wheel”

March '15

I don’t know about you, but I occasionally find myself traveling on what I call the “worry wheel” – you know that place you go in your mind when sudden feelings of frustration, resentment, or sadness spark a series of worrisome thoughts that go on and on like a gerbil on a wheel. And leave […]

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A Surprising and Effective Stress-Buster for Women

February '15

No doubt about it; these are challenging times – just listen to the nightly news or your local weather forecast if you live in the northeast part of the US as I do. A few days ago, I actually heard our local weatherman say, “Be sure to get out and enjoy these warmer temperatures before […]

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Can You Really Trust Your Own Guidance System

January '15

When you wake up in the morning and tune into the news, whether on TV, on your phone, or in the newspaper that landed on your doorstep, you may feel disheartened. Reports from around the world seem to describe chaos somewhere on our planet every day. So how do you learn to live in the […]

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A Guiding Thought for the New Year

December '14

I hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as I did. I returned home to Rhode Island in a state of deep contentment and joy after days of celebrating and relaxing with my family. As the year now winds down, my thoughts turn to 2015. My recent break and an article in the Atlantic Monthly […]

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My Favorite Quote for Thanksgiving

November '14

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours! May the day be filled with… Love Laughter and Joy. And may the good things in life be yours in abundance! I hope you enjoy Piglet’s quotation about gratitude on the image of the notebook. I am grateful to you for turning to this newsletter each month. If you […]

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Six Steps for Easing the Midlife Transition

October '14

A banner with six words caught my eye recently. Stretched on a crosswalk in the Science Center at Wellesley College, its white letters against a blue background spell out some excellent daily advice for making your way through the midlife transition – or any transition for that matter. EAT                    SLEEP WANDER LIKE LEARN RENEW So […]

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A New Take on Midlife Goal Setting

September '14

Goal setting brings you many benefits. It helps you focus on what you want; it enables you to use your time well, and it propels you toward a desired outcome. As you probably know, your goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted (SMART) to be effective. Setting potent goals is such a […]

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3 Tips for Finding More at Midlife

August '14

As a woman who is 40 or beyond, you may well be ready to hit the pause button and craft a whole new beginning for the second half of your life. You belong to an unprecedentedly large wave of relatively healthy and well-educated women – reinventing themselves at the midpoint of their lives and charting […]

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A Secret to Success from a Supreme Court Justice

July '14

Sandra Day O’Conner has something to teach us about navigating life transitions successfully. When she graduated from Stanford Law School in 1952, she applied to firms that advertised, “We hire Stanford grads.” Every time she called one, she heard the disheartening words, “We don’t hire women.” Since she knew an appellate judge with a woman […]

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