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Some Surprising Benefits of a Attitude of Gratitude

November '15

Last Sunday morning I turned on the radio as I loaded the dishwasher. To my delight, I ran into the New Yorker Public Radio Hour for the first time. Featuring a wonderful blend of interviews, stories and classic New Yorker wit, it reminded me of why I tune into public radio so often. Whenever I […]

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Is Midlife Contentment an Oxymoron?

October '15

My ears perked up the first time I heard the word oxymoron. Much of what transpired in my ninth-grade English class floated over my head, but the sound of this word caught my attention. I was even more fascinated with its definition: “a rhetorical device in which two seemingly contradictory words are used together for […]

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A “New” Take on How to Make Decisions at the Midlife Crossroads

September '15

Last week I bumped into a list of Elizabeth Gilbert’s favorite books about creative inspiration. While I was not surprised to find The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron on it, my eyes widened on spotting The Little Locksmith, by Katherine Butler Hathaway. About this selection, Gilbert writes, “This tiny, obscure memoir was originally published in […]

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Some Good Advice from a Friend

August '15

My pulse quickened as I lowered my foot on the accelerator to make it through the green light ahead. I didn’t want to be late for the funeral and time was tight – especially if I couldn’t find a quick parking space in the village. Would it be better to park behind the Rite-Aid and […]

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A Key to Happier Days

July '15

The other night I was watching a replay of an interview with author E.L. Doctorow, when Charlie Rose posed an interesting question. “Why do you write?” Charlie asked. “Because I’m good at it,” E.L. replied. Charlie grinned, leaned forward, and said, “I once asked Ted Williams, ‘Why baseball?’ (As opposed to football, or basketball or […]

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Would This Tool Help You Wrangle Your Workload?

June '15

A few weeks ago a client described a helpful technique she discovered for handling her work assignments. Then this same approach was mentioned a week later when I participated in a workshop for coaches.  So I headed for the internet to learn more about this tool called the Eisenhower matrix. Frankly I was surprised I […]

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Be Authentic ~ But How?

May '15

“Authenticity” is the latest buzzword bandied about in the media on an almost daily basis. Whether describing politicians or other notables, “authenticity” is a prized portrayal. Self help books also espouse “authenticity” with their “be yourself” prescriptions. While it’s hard to argue with the wisdom of such advice, one of the challenges of your midlife […]

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Is “More” Always Better?

April '15

Yesterday, as I was about to order an intriguing report, I noticed four extra bonus reports included as an incentive to buy. I paused, and with a small sigh hopped off the sales page. I just didn’t want to bring any “more” stuff into my house that I didn’t need or want. How about you? […]

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How to Stop Your “Worry Wheel”

March '15

I don’t know about you, but I occasionally find myself traveling on what I call the “worry wheel” – you know that place you go in your mind when sudden feelings of frustration, resentment, or sadness spark a series of worrisome thoughts that go on and on like a gerbil on a wheel. And leave […]

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A Surprising and Effective Stress-Buster for Women

February '15

No doubt about it; these are challenging times – just listen to the nightly news or your local weather forecast if you live in the northeast part of the US as I do. A few days ago, I actually heard our local weatherman say, “Be sure to get out and enjoy these warmer temperatures before […]

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