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The “Slow Down to Speed Up” Paradox

August '12

One of August’s gifts for me is a week’s vacation in northern New England. This year I returned to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for five days of relaxation with family. After more than a decade away, I had forgotten the sheer joy of hanging out in this most ancient of mountain regions – […]

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Does Your Life Meet the “Goldilocks Test”?

July '12

Recently, NASA scientists announced the discovery of a “Goldilocks” planet, (Keppler 22B), which had just the right conditions to support life. That got me to thinking that a “Goldilock’s Test” would be a great way to assess your own life conditions. In other words, to determine the necessary elements to support a life that’s “just […]

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What Are Woman at Midlife Reading This Summer?

June '12

When I contemplate summer reading, I cannot help but think of Nora Ephron – its sad to think of a world without this talented woman whose wit and wisdom infused our culture for so many decades in such a variety of forms. Years ago, I had the privilege of a front row seat for her […]

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Two Lies You May Be Telling Yourself

May '12

# 1  When you say aloud, “Yes, I’ll do it”, and think to yourself, “That’s O.K. with me; it’s a good thing to do. I’ll squeeze it in somehow.” Your “It’s OK with me” rationalization provides a perfect example of “short term gain, long term pain.” Nodding positively to an appeal to serve on a […]

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A Reinvention Exercise for You

April '12

Do you have your own version of this particular cry for help,”Don’t you have anything I can do – just anything – to help me move forward here?” There are, of course, many answers to that basic query of how to start constructing a new life for yourself. In fact, in a few months, I […]

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“What Should I Do Next?”

March '12

This challenging midlife puzzler propelled Mark S. Walton to find answers by interviewing people across America and then researching new discoveries in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, human performance, creativity and happiness. He details the results of his reconnaissance in a recent book called, Boundless Potential: How to Transform Your Brain, Unleash Your Talents, and […]

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An Extra Day – What’s Your Plan?

February '12

It’s Leap Year – yes it is folks! We have an extra day. How do you plan to spend this bonus time that arrives on your doorstep every four years?  Here’s a menu of possibilities for your consideration… Catch some Z’s. Not a bad idea. Many of us are a little sleep deprived. And who […]

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The Secret to Following Through on New Year’s Resolutions

January '12

During early January, folks pack my local gym to overflowing. You may not be surprised to learn that by the end of the month, the overcrowding has faded substantially – along with those “get-in-shape” resolutions. So what’s the secret to persisting with these annual goals we set for ourselves? I’m guessing you want to bring […]

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“Every Woman’s Middle Name Is GUILT”

December '11

I grabbed this pithy quote from a podcast of Madeleine Albright’s recent lecture in London. These cogent words emerged in response to a query as to how our former Secretary of State had managed to deal with the competing demands of being a mother along with her work in the government. What woman with kids […]

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What’s Your Holiday Pace?

November '11

On the afternoon of 11/11/11, you would have found me driving to the Cape under a brilliant blue sky. The bright red and yellow leaves of the maples had long departed, so the richer tones featured by the oaks could now emerge. The low sun in the sky burnished their burgundy and brown leaves rendering […]

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