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Is a Halloween Storm Like Your Midlife Transition?

October '11

This past weekend, a winter nor’easter blew through the Mid-Atlantic States and New England just two days before Halloween – crashing trees, creating power outages and disrupting our daily routine. Afterwards, I wondered if it just might be a great metaphor for what happens at midlife. (As you might guess, I had time for such [...]

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An Essential for Navigating Midlife

September '11

If I had to identify one component that underlies every successful midlife transition, it would be Self-Care – or as one client of mine describes it, “Radical Self-Care!” Self-Care is the act of honoring your own well-being in all the areas of your life in order to build energy reserves to deal with the unexpected [...]

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A Storm’s Wake

August '11

I’m writing this month’s newsletter on my iPad, ensconced in a comfortable recliner at a friend’s house where I’ve decamped for Hurricane Irene after a mandatory evacuation. The electricity is out -  probably the result of a downed telephone pole – and my iPad has only 48% of its power left. Once it drains, I’ll [...]

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Thoughts for Midlife Caregivers

July '11

Many women at midlife fill the role of caregiver. In fact, some find themselves caring for both their children (the next generation) and their elders (the previous generation). These critical caregiving roles often go unacknowledged, and are rarely honored or celebrated as achievement successes. Recently, some thoughts about the caretaking role arrived in a surprising [...]

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“A Midlife Voyage of Discovery”

June '11

Does negotiating the midlife passage feel like shooting rapids at times? Some experts use this analogy to describe major life transitions. Having been tossed out of a raft by a level-five rapid on the Chattahoochee River (think “Deliverance”), I believe they may have a point. Like any personal transformation, shooting rapids involves dealing with obstacles [...]

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A Midlife Assessment Star

May '11

The media is full of reactions to Martin Seligman’s latest book, Flourish. For those of you who are not familiar with this author, years ago, as president of the American Psychological Association, he ushered in a new wave of research focused on learning more about well-being, rather than fixing things that go wrong. His new [...]

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Your Midlife Journey and an iPad 2

April '11

Until last week, “late adopter”, or “laggard” would best describe my technology-buying behavior. However, when my iMac of six years crashed with burnt-out capacitors, I succumbed to an Apple Store salesman’s suggestion that I add an iPad 2 to my new iMac purchase. Perhaps it was the story he told about his father, the lawyer, [...]

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A Unique Tool for Midlife Guidance

March '11

Negotiating the twists and turns of the midlife passage can be a bit daunting. The way ahead is rarely illuminated and the journey, itself, can be unexpectedly bumpy.  A longing for guidance may arise, as the decisions you are called upon to make at this stage of your life can be critical. If you have [...]

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Change, Change, Change

February '11

Have you been feeling the ground shifting beneath your feet of late?  This may be no surprise with today’s world in serious flux – including our recent weather patterns. In my neck of the woods, we’ve experienced a record-breaking snowfall year and as far as I’m concerned, the record can stand for the next few [...]

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Two Tools for 2011

January '11

With the arrival of a new year, I thought it might be fun to share two tools you can use for reinventing your life in 2011. Both are based on the assumption that developing a vision for the future in the persistent rush of day-to-day living is like expecting two feet of snow to depart [...]

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