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A Poem’s Advice and a Special Offer for the New Year

December '16

As the old year winds down and a new one arrives, you may be considering some “resolutions” for 2017. May I suggest a favorite poem by Rumi could provide some guidance for you? If you like, check it out below and take special note of the directions contained in the second stanza. The Breeze at […]

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Four Ways to Increase Your Happiness

November '16

I was leafing through an old magazine yesterday, but stopped when I came across an informative two-page spread on “How to Find Happiness.”1 The ideas it contained were wonderfully specific and also backed by scientific research, so I decided to share them with you. By now, you probably know some of the benefits happiness brings, […]

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Are You Living in the Midlife Land of Liminality?

October '16

I loved the concept of liminal space when I first encountered it while reading the writing of Carl Jung. But I sure didn’t love that place when I found myself there at midlife. Day after day, I remained discontent with my life, yet stuck as to the best way to move forward. I knew I […]

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A Grocery Shopping Surprise

September '16

Sometimes your local supermarket gives you a surprise. I head for mine at least twice a week; it’s called Dave’s. Fortunately for those of us living in Rhode Island, it features fresh produce, wild salmon, and grass fed beef along with those happy extras like flax crackers (only flax seeds, onions and herbs.) But last […]

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What’s Your Favorite?

August '16

As summer slowly slips aside leaving space for fall’s arrival, I thought it might be fun to mark the season’s end by noting what media kept you engaged during these past months. In short, what book, movie, TV and/or radio show entered your life and improved it – made you laugh, made you cry, increased […]

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5 Bits of Inspiration I Ran Into This Month

July '16

In these days of seeming chaos, I’ve been searching for some thoughts and ideas to inspire you this month. My hunt turned up some treasures in a wonderful variety of situations. ~ I spotted the first one when I walked off the elevator in a rehab center where I was visiting a friend post surgery. […]

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Would These Midlife ABC’s Work for You?

June '16

Yesterday I listened to a guided meditation that included a sentence with three words, beginning with A, B, and C consecutively. My mind wandered into wondering if these words might be a great opening for a Midlife Reinvention Alphabet. And yes, I realized I’d entered thought land, and gently brought my focus back to my […]

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Could You Turn Your Midlife Reinvention into a Game?

May '16

Last week a coaching client from California sent me a link to a TED Talk she thought I might like. Clever girl – I did – so much so I decided to share that video in my monthly newsletter. I was surprised I found this creation called “The Game That Can Give You 10 Extra […]

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Don’t Overlook This Midlife Reinvention Essential

April '16

Does listening to the news these days leave you wringing your hands? Are the sad and monstrous stories arriving daily from some part of the globe putting you into a disheartening funk? What about the ugly interchange among some politicians here in the U.S. – along with Mother Nature creating her own surprising disruptions via […]

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What Can You Learn From Two Famous Women?

March '16

Here are two tales about two remarkable women. The first is a story of Diana Nyad, who was the first person to swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida without the aid of a shark cage. She accomplished this record-breaking feat in 2013 at the age of 64. This was not her first crack […]

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