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Don’t Overlook This Midlife Reinvention Essential

April '16

Does listening to the news these days leave you wringing your hands? Are the sad and monstrous stories arriving daily from some part of the globe putting you into a disheartening funk? What about the ugly interchange among some politicians here in the U.S. – along with Mother Nature creating her own surprising disruptions via […]

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What Can You Learn From Two Famous Women?

March '16

Here are two tales about two remarkable women. The first is a story of Diana Nyad, who was the first person to swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida without the aid of a shark cage. She accomplished this record-breaking feat in 2013 at the age of 64. This was not her first crack […]

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Overwhelmed? Here are 3 Quick Tips to Blast Stress and Restore Calm

February '16

If you’re feeling overwhelmed these days, you’re like many midlife women. A 24/7 workload on the job or at home, and distressing news streaming forth from various media outlets all increase your stress level – not to mention figuring out how to reinvent your life. So in this month’s Midlife Discovery I thought it might […]

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What Amazing Midlife-Transition Asset Do You Already Own?

January '16

“What’s next?” If you’re a midlife women searching for a more meaningful life, this question probably haunts you – along with others like, “How do I begin to choose work I might love, a lifestyle that fits, or where to live and with whom?” Happily, you have a built-in asset to help answer these queries […]

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A Warning about New Year’s Resolutions with a Special Offer for You

December '15

Where do you want to focus your energies for the coming year? What will you say YES to in 2016? May I give you a warning about making your New Year’s resolutions? Unless you find a way to engage your passions for these enterprises, you may be unsuccessful. Passions are like gasoline; whenever you enlist […]

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Some Surprising Benefits of a Attitude of Gratitude

November '15

Last Sunday morning I turned on the radio as I loaded the dishwasher. To my delight, I ran into the New Yorker Public Radio Hour for the first time. Featuring a wonderful blend of interviews, stories and classic New Yorker wit, it reminded me of why I tune into public radio so often. Whenever I […]

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Is Midlife Contentment an Oxymoron?

October '15

My ears perked up the first time I heard the word oxymoron. Much of what transpired in my ninth-grade English class floated over my head, but the sound of this word caught my attention. I was even more fascinated with its definition: “a rhetorical device in which two seemingly contradictory words are used together for […]

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A “New” Take on How to Make Decisions at the Midlife Crossroads

September '15

Last week I bumped into a list of Elizabeth Gilbert’s favorite books about creative inspiration. While I was not surprised to find The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron on it, my eyes widened on spotting The Little Locksmith, by Katherine Butler Hathaway. About this selection, Gilbert writes, “This tiny, obscure memoir was originally published in […]

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Some Good Advice from a Friend

August '15

My pulse quickened as I lowered my foot on the accelerator to make it through the green light ahead. I didn’t want to be late for the funeral and time was tight – especially if I couldn’t find a quick parking space in the village. Would it be better to park behind the Rite-Aid and […]

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A Key to Happier Days

July '15

The other night I was watching a replay of an interview with author E.L. Doctorow, when Charlie Rose posed an interesting question. “Why do you write?” Charlie asked. “Because I’m good at it,” E.L. replied. Charlie grinned, leaned forward, and said, “I once asked Ted Williams, ‘Why baseball?’ (As opposed to football, or basketball or […]

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