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A Critical Skill for Navigating the Midlife Passage

February '20

For many women, midlife becomes a time of questioning future life plans, leaving you stymied and unable to move forward with any specific decisions for a while. There are, however, some immediate actions you can take with rewarding results. A great way to your own midlife journey of transition is to practice the skill of […]

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Midlife Can Be a Bear ~ Some Words of Wisdom

January '20

Your midlife transition can be like a bear coming out of the woods—scary, daunting and totally unexpected! Sometimes feelings of confusion and discontent creep up on you so gradually, you don’t recognize them. Finally, one day you wake up and realize you’re not hopping out of bed to greet the day with your usual excitement. […]

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A Gift for You for the New Year

December '19

At the end of this holiday season of giving, I’m sending you a present to express my appreciation for your presence as a reader this year. With the arrival of a new decade (a time of taking stock for where your life is headed), I thought it might be useful to provide support for finding […]

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What Made Me Say, “Yippee!” When I Read This Article in The NY Times

November '19

You might not be surprised to learn this article was about self care—such an important practice at this time of the year. When I read, “How to Make Self-Care Actually Feel Like Self-Care”, what evoked my excitement was its goal to focus self care on more than ‘scented candles and bath bombs.’  In the years […]

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What’s Your Self-Care Sunday Routine?

October '19

Last week my yoga teacher mentioned she was reading about ‘Self-Care Sunday’ in many publications. While I published a book on self care last year, this phrase was new to me, so I decided to investigate it on the internet. ‘Self-Care Sunday was, indeed, all over the place! Folks mentioned many different practices for their […]

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How Would You Answer Joan’s 4 Questions?

September '19

Joan Dwyer is the co-creator and owner of All That Matters (ATM), a Yoga and Holistic Health Center in Wakefield, RI.  As their website notes, “ATM began in 1995 with a little yoga studio and a big vision, which—under Joan’s guidance—has grown into the largest holistic center in New England.” When I lived In Rhode […]

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How Could a “Coach Approach” Improve Your Daily Life?

August '19

“What”,  you may ask, “is is a coach approach?  A coach approach is simply finding a way to use the skills, techniques and knowledge of the life coaching field and apply them to your daily life. The International Coach Federation defines coaching in the following way: Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help […]

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The Research Finding on Happiness that Really Surprised Me

July '19

I was intrigued by the findings of a study that recently turned up in JSTOR Daily. Economist Tomáš Janotík surveyed the happiness level of 154 nuns from sixteen Benedictine monasteries across Germany. He then compared their responses to those from a nationwide survey of all women, and specifically, Catholic women in Germany. As the article […]

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An Essential for Finding Meaning at Midlife—Plus a Special Offer!

June '19

It’s summer! Happily, a vacation lies on the horizon for many of us. I’m headed for an island off the coast of Maine in a few weeks for some welcome R&R with family and friends. I hope you have a vacation destination too, where you can unwind to a place of deep relaxation and reap […]

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7 Whacky Ways to Improve a Gloomy Day

May '19

Last year proved to be a notably rainy one for those of us living in the Mid-Atlantic of the U.S. The Washington Post reported, “The Mid-Atlantic region marked the epicenter of a sopping wet 2018 in the Eastern U.S.” In addition to the rain, what created gloomy mornings, and afternoons was the prevalence of overcast […]

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