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Can’t Keep Up? Creating Zen and a Special Offer for You

January '18

Do you know January is hot tea month? Wondering why I’m calling this to your attention? Good question! I’ll answer it with another one. What happens when you sit down for a hot cup of tea? That’s right; you stop what you’re doing. And that’s a good thing. To echo an old CocaCola slogan: “it’s […]

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A New Year’s Wish For You!

December '17

During the pre-holiday rush, I woke up one morning to a bad start. I had overslept. I washed up quickly, dressed, grabbed a fast breakfast and hustled out the door to reach an appointment on time. Oh no! For the first time this winter, a hard layer of frost encrusted all the windows of my […]

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A Unique Way to Manage Holiday Stress

November '17

Your to-do list is undoubtedly expanding with the upcoming holidays. Maybe you already feel flummoxed every morning about where to start with the items on that list. If you’re like a client of mine, you wonder whether you should make the bed, load the dishwasher, order holiday gifts, head for the elliptical in the basement, […]

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Saying NO!

October '17

The other day I received a gift that had me snorting with laughter: one of those NO buttons. What tickled me were the eight distinctive voices that erupted as I kept pushing the button. My favorite was an emphatic, “No! No! No!” with each NO sounding a different note. My post laughter reaction was a […]

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What to Do When You Feel Stuck

September '17

Sometimes at midlife, your days no longer bring you enough pleasure. Perhaps your job doesn’t excite you any more, but what else can you do? Maybe your last child has left the nest and you can’t imagine how to fill the empty space. Or possibly you simply don’t find your life satisfying, but feel lost […]

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Wanna Hear Some Good News?

August '17

The midlife journey can be a challenge — fraught with confusion and concern as you try to figure out what’s next. At times you may wonder if you’ll ever feel really great again. Happily, recent research suggests your mood will likely improve over the next 20 years. A University of Melbourne study that followed more […]

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Could This Rule of Life Impact Your Midlife Journey?

July '17

At midlife I came across a rule of life that jolted me initially and ultimately proved to be a valuable insight moving forward. It all started a number of summers ago when I spent six weeks in the mountains of Colorado attending a training program for certification as an NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) practitioner. While it […]

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Could the Micro-Break Method Reduce Your Stress?

June '17

Now that summer has officially arrived, I hope you’re tucked into those books that bring you so much pleasure and relaxation. At the end of this newsletter, I’ll list the summer reading suggestions I gathered from readers last month. Meanwhile, there is another kind of downtime activity I’d like to call to your attention; micro-breaks. […]

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It’s Summer Reading Time

May '17

NPR is my favorite go-to on long drives when I’m not listening to an audio download. Last week, this habit was rewarded when I heard about PBS’s “19 summer books that will keep you up all night reading.” Of course I checked it out online the minute I got home. These 19 books labeled “essential”, […]

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Some Midlife Advice from Anne Lamott

April '17

I thought it might be fun to mix things up a bit this month. Instead of my usual commentary on navigating the midlife passage, this newsletter features a recap of 12 points Anne Lamott made in a TED talk called, “Everything Single Thing I Know.” I welcomed her general wisdom along with some specific ideas […]

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