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7 Whacky Ways to Improve a Gloomy Day

May '19

Last year proved to be a notably rainy one for those of us living in the Mid-Atlantic of the U.S. The Washington Post reported, “The Mid-Atlantic region marked the epicenter of a sopping wet 2018 in the Eastern U.S.” In addition to the rain, what created gloomy mornings, and afternoons was the prevalence of overcast […]

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Could This Metaphor Improve Your Daily Life?

April '19

At the beginning of my yoga class each week, our teacher reads a short, thoughtful, and sometimes thought-provoking passage. Last week a metaphor contained in the reading caused the corners of my mouth to turn up, because of an experience I once had in Lesotho, Africa. Regretfully, I cannot remember the author’s name, but his […]

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What To Do When You’re Feeling Stuck—Plus A Special Spring Offer

March '19

Midlife can be a confusing time. As one newsletter reader poignantly wrote, “I feel as though so much is ending and nothing ahead is clear enough to be comforting. Everything is really fine, but I feel all discombobulated and out of sorts.” Feeling stuck She was responding to a newsletter of a few years ago, […]

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Do You Pay Attention to This Kind of Alarm?

February '19

Years ago I participated in an NLP Practitioner training program in Colorado that provided unique insights and practical approaches for understanding human behavior. Some were so unusual and powerful, they remain with me to this day. At the time, one of the giants of the field was Tom Hoobyar. While he is no longer with […]

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Can’t Keep Up? How to Find Some Zen plus a Special Offer

January '19

Did you know January is the “hot tea” month? Wonder why I’m bringing this to your attention? Good question. I’ll answer it with another one. What happens when you sit down for a hot cup of tea? That’s right, you stop what you’re doing. And that’s a good thing. To echo an old CocaCola slogan: […]

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Problem Making New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s a Suggestion.

December '18

As the last year comes to a close and a new one begins, you might just be making resolutions for 2019. Some folks simply ignore this opportunity, while others focus intensely on what they hope to achieve in the coming year. If you belong to the making-resolutions group, I have a simple suggestion for you […]

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An Odd Way to Cope with Holiday Overwhelm

November '18

When you make lists of what you need to accomplish in the upcoming weeks, does an unexpected sigh escape your lips? The holidays are here and stress often accompanies their arrival as much as we wish it wouldn’t. This month I’m going to suggest a slightly counterintuitive approach for combatting the seasonal overload, and that is […]

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Could you use any of these 5 tips for managing holiday stress?

October '18

Yup! It’s that time of year. The holidays are here and you may well be muttering to yourself, shaking your head upon occasion, or just plain sighing about all the work that lies ahead. No doubt about it; it’s easy to get overwhelmed during this time of year. As you probably know, I moved recently, […]

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My Latest Discovery About Transitions

September '18

  Relaxing in my favorite leather chair, I listened to an old friend on the phone. The corners of my mouth turned up, when she related the details of her upcoming, three-week vacation itinerary. “It sounds just great! I exclaimed. “Send me a photo or two, if you can. I’ll miss our weekly conversations while […]

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One Solution to the “to much to do, too little time” Dilemma

August '18

My mind races morning, noon and night these days. In three days, I’m moving out of state with more tasks to complete than time to do so—including composing this monthly newsletter. So I asked myself what I might suggest if I were coaching a client of mine facing a similar dilemma. My answer was to […]

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