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Crossing the Threshold into the New Year

December '20

On this New Year’s Eve, we say good-bye to the old year, and welcome in the new one. Like many of us, you may be delighted to leave 2020 behind. While you step over the threshold into 2021, I thought it might be just the time to share some spirit-lifting items, friends and family have […]

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A Surprising Solution to a Pandemic Conundrum

November '20

Lately, I’ve found a common thread in several conversations about living with CoVid. Many folks are expressing amazement at how little they accomplish as time goes by—even though they spend far more time at home, instead of going to the movies, hanging out with friends, or even enjoying some spa time. Perhaps, like them, you […]

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What Can this Poem Teach You about Midlife?

October '20

Here in the Northeast of the U.S., the sun is setting earlier and the leaves are changing color as the world around us revamps itself. The arrival of fall is upon us. This seasonal shift is often used as a metaphor for the midlife transition, because the change happens gradually, and the shift is inevitable. […]

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Can You Reinvent Your Life in the Midst of a Pandemic?

September '20

Are you feeling like all your hopes for an exciting midlife transition have been put on hold, and might be fading away—like air escaping a damaged tire? Maybe a year ago, you were considering a different occupation, because you were bored on the job. Or perhaps you thought about going back to school, or relocating […]

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How Will You Celebrate Today’s Holiday?

August '20

You may be scratching your head about the possibility of a holiday today—wondering if I might be a bit confused. Well, it’s not a national holiday, but it is a holiday celebrated nationally. An…d it can be observed in the midst of a pandemic. Curious as to what it might be? Today is Eat Outside […]

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Ramp Up Your Summer Reading with These 4 Possibilities

July '20

My first question for you is, “Are you reading more or less in the midst of this pandemic?” I find some folks reading more, and some reading less to their surprise. Whatever your situation, I thought it might be fun to suggest some summer reading options. Here are four possibilities: 1) a Booker Prize finalist, […]

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A Useful Habit for the Pandemic?

June '20

Life can be frustrating! External events (like a global pandemic) can leave you with the feeling of no control over your life. But you do have one person you can affect with great power—yourself! In days that can seem pretty bleak, you can always work at cultivating your own ground. Every morning you have the […]

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A Useful Exercise for These Pandemic Times

May '20

As self-isolation continues during these pandemic times, I’ve been hearing a common thread in many of my conversations with folks. These remarks sound something like, “I thought with all this time at home I’d get to those tasks I’ve been putting off, but I just can’t get started on any of them.” Is this true […]

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A Helpful Hint for Hangin’ in There

April '20

If you’ve been self isolating, and keeping a ‘social distance’ from others you may find challenges in adapting to this new normal. I certainly do. Recently, I ordered some popcorn snacks as a present; they came in a can with a picture of a green frog dangling from a stick with the words, Hang in […]

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Want Some At-Home Activities for Those Stir-Crazy Moments?

March '20

I’m writing this month’s edition of Midlife Discovery from the heart of COVID19 territory. After weeks of self-isolating here in New Jersey, I cherish any activity that I call a ‘happy distraction’, or one where I’m learning something new. So..o thought it might be fun this month to share some of those activities with you. […]

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