30/30 Consult

Hungry to Change Your Life for the Better?

Does your mind spin round and round as you hunt for a more satisfying future? More confused than ever about where to turn?

Why not take advantage of some professional expertise? As an experienced IMG_0438Life Coach and former Dean of Continuing Education, I’ve empowered thousands of women to reinvent their lives. With compelling questions and a laser-like capacity for honing in on important issues, I can help you overcome that debilitating inertia.

With the 30/30 Consult, for a special rate of $30 you’ll experience a 30-minute, private phone consultation with me. You will leave this powerful session with:

  • a new awareness of where you are and what you want,
  • a renewed sense of energy for constructing a new life, and
  • options for moving forward to write that next chapter.

Book your 30/30 Consult now and take your first step toward a more motivating future – you know, that one where you wake up smiling every morning.

Action trumps brooding. When you’re feeling stuck, you’ve simply got to do something. – Susan Braun Levine

Get a free consultation with Bonnie LeonardOnce you purchase your 30/30 Consult, you’ll receive information on how to arrange your private session. I look forward to helping you find that “more” inside you!