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Does this Doctor’s Midlife Experience Echo Yours?

September '21

Years ago, I copied a Huffington Post article about one doctor’s poignant description of her own midlife journey. I came across it the other day, and wondered if you might find Rose Kumar’s personal account resonates with your own experience. Here is her excerpted story.

“I am not only a practicing internist, but a midlife woman. I have been helping midlife women for over two decades with their menopausal symptoms and have gained significant personal insight about how little support is currently available for us.

During my forties I noticed my body and energy level change. I began to feel tired and heavy. I also felt restless and had trouble sleeping through the night. I looked for answers to these symptoms in my medical books and journal articles…As a scientist and a problem solver, I was determined to understand why I was having these symptoms and what I could do to restore my sense of health and well-being.

I found a lot written on this subject. What I read, though, was theoretical, but not practical, and it did not address the deeper aspects of what I was looking for. Why did my soul feel restless? Why did I feel emotional ‘heaviness’? Why was my body changing in this way and why were issues resurfacing that I thought were solved? I was 42 when I began to feel this way. I was an intelligent and a dynamic woman who had lived a very healthy lifestyle. I had also created a successful medical practice and on the surface, appeared to be at the top of my game. Deep inside, I felt empty and disconnected. My marriage felt deeply unsupportive and I found myself less able to tolerate the disrespectful ways I was being treated. It was as if I was not able to compromise myself in order to adapt anymore. My tolerance for the superficial was receding. I found myself being more reactive and angry.

What I discovered was that hormonal shifts in my body that were normal during this stage of life brought with them emotional and soul shifts that were offering me an opportunity to take a look at my life from a deeper perspective. Since I was conditioned to pathologize this, it engendered a deep fear of aging and degeneration. It was anything but.

This time in a woman’s life holds immense transformational power. When a woman arrives at this gateway, her hormones shift, recalibrating her identity. She is meant to question who she has pretended to be and move her deep into her soul and her authentic self. Our society deems this a ‘midlife crisis.’ I like to think of this as the alchemical process of becoming real. Women need to learn how to take care of themselves through this gateway and beyond. They need to learn how to use the framework of transformation to connect with their intrinsic power and truth. At this juncture, women are in need of balance at all levels of their body, mind, emotions and soul. Many have lived unbalanced lives up to this point, neglecting to take care of ourselves. As their bodies change, they are called to heal their self-neglect.”

This call to heal your self neglect is a perfectly-stated reason for what prompted me to write Midlife Magic: The Seven-Day Self-Care Plan to Boost Your Energy and Make You Smile. To celebrate this beautiful fall season, I’m significantly reducing the cost of the paperback edition from $14.95 to $9.97 until Halloween. You can learn more here. Might be just the perfect way to prepare for the upcoming holiday season!

Love to know if Dr. Kumar’s experience resonates with yours in any way. If you like, do share your thoughts.

Happy Autumn Days!


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