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An Odd Fork That Might Be Useful to You

August '21

As the contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus moves us back into a shut-down mode of living, it becomes a challenge to move forward with your personal development projects. But there is a model that just might just be useful to you. It’s called The Fork, because it looks like one!

The Fork Model


——YOU      —–PROJECT: specialized competence

—–IDENTITY: Being personally involved


Developed by Rudy Vandamme, he suggests the following steps for putting it into practice.

“Step 1: Project. First start to define your project. A project is a structured approach: the present situation, the desired outcome, actions and feedback loops. The important thing about a project is the fact that it must be down to earth. This track is about actions and making progress by doing something. Make a change in your behaviour or in your situation.

What is your project exactly about? What is your goal?

Step 2: Self-guidance. Reflect on HOW you are doing your project. While doing your project, you can learn to be more effective and efficient. Maybe you are postponing. Maybe you feel disempowered to keep going or getting started. Maybe you are fighting against an obstacle and it keeps bouncing back at you. Maybe you do not integrate the feedback. This track is about improving your competence to manage yourself and your situation.

How can you improve the way you are dealing with your project and your life in general?

Step 3: Identity. The next step is to relate everything what you are doing to who you are. That is your unique being, your identity. You have values, a worldview and a sense of purpose. Your task is to connect with the purposeful energy that runs through your life. Feedback helps. Working on your shadow sides too. Often people are engaged in projects that do not match with who they are. Why are we so busy, knowing that our efforts are not matching our values and are not contributing to the development of who we sincerely want to be?

What is your identity emerging from your incarnation, biographical events and social environment?

What is your developmental theme in this stage of your life?

Step 4: Greater whole. Finally, development is not complete if you do not connect your development with a larger whole. Meaningfulness only emerges if you choose something more important than yourself. Dedicate your life to a higher goal and you well experience a deep sense of purpose. This greater thing can be the well-being of your family, the growth of your organisation or a more sustainable world.

What is the development of the greater whole to which you belong?

In what sense is your project and your personal development a contribution to the greater whole?”

 Why not give this model a try? Simply name your project and follow Vandamme’s queries for moving it forward successfully. Love to know if it helped in any way.

Good luck!

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