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How Will You Celebrate Today’s Holiday?

August '20

You may be scratching your head about the possibility of a holiday today—wondering if I might be a bit confused. Well, it’s not a national holiday, but it is a holiday celebrated nationally. An…d it can be observed in the midst of a pandemic. Curious as to what it might be? Today is Eat Outside Day!

I encourage you to celebrate it. On the midlife journey, or during any time of transition where life, as usual, is no longer viable, (ex: the current pandemic), self care is critical. In my book  Midlife Magic: 7 Days of Self Care to Boost Your Energy and Make You Smile. I outline seven, self care skills. You can practice two of them by observing this holiday: Supportive Connections and Nurturing Environment.

 Here are some options to help you honor Eat Outside Day—along with some photos of the natural world to inspire you. It’s a gorgeous day here, as I write this newsletter, so I’m especially looking forward to my walk to the garden on the Princeton campus this afternoon. Maybe I’ll bring a snack,  sit on one of the benches and gaze at the garden.

~ Drop over to a favorite restaurant with your family where outdoor tables, awnings, potted plants, and delicious food create an ambience you can savor on many levels.

~ Heat up your grill and invite friends to bring their own grill options, or individual meals and drinks to enjoy in your backyard. You can sit at a “physical distance” in comfortable chairs and delight in each other’s company, conversation and home-cooked specialties.

~ Pack a picnic lunch, gather your family together, and head for a local park, or nearby lake, or even the seashore to spread a blanket, breathe in fresh air, and revel in the sweetness of a classic picnic lunch.

~ Or, if some space to yourself is what you need, order a curbside pickup (coffee plus breakfast, or lunch) and take a walk to a public garden, or park, where you can sit and enjoy a quiet, refreshing repast.

Love to hear how you managed to commemorate this special day, or the day after!

Happy Eat Outside Day!



P.S. You can discover more about Midlife Magic here.







  1. Roberta Taylor said on August 31, 2020:

    After the first month of total isolation I decided I needed to have company. Since I have a magnificent garden, I started inviting friends to visit and bring their own food.
    Then we graduated to individual restaurant food and then to hot dog and bean suppers. We sit apart – either fully outside or on the screened porch and have conversation. It has made my summer. When we are not eating we wear masks. And keep the hand sanitizer handy.

  2. Bonnie said on September 2, 2020:

    Oh Roberta! Dining in your garden sounds like wonderland! What a lovely event for your friends!

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