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What Made Me Say, “Yippee!” When I Read This Article in The NY Times

November '19

You might not be surprised to learn this article was about self care—such an important practice at this time of the year. When I read, “How to Make Self-Care Actually Feel Like Self-Care”, what evoked my excitement was its goal to focus self care on more than ‘scented candles and bath bombs.’

 In the years I was writing Midlife Magic:The 7 Day Self-Care Plan to Boost Your Energy and Make You Smile, I was determined to do just that. While I might not call ideas like scented candles and bath bombs, “superficial”, as the article did, I wanted a broad approach to self care, as the chapter names reveal:

DAY 1: Self Compassion                                                                     

DAY 2: Happy Body

DAY 3: Supportive Connections

DAY 4: Optimal Organization

DAY 5: Nurturing Environment

DAY 6: Time on Your Terms

DAY 7: Completion/Celebration

I also hoped to make the adoption of the different self-care practices easily accomplished, so each day describes how to develop a particular self-care skill and then provides a list of possible action steps, so the reader can select one to implement that very day. In addition each day you find me in a different locale on my own midlife journey around the world, where I bump into a self-care skill I desperately need.

This book might just be the perfect gift for a friend or relative, or, even yourself, during this holiday season. Once the celebrations are over, the recipient can embark on this simple self-care path as the new year begins. You can learn more about it here.

May you thoroughly enjoy this exciting time of the year!

P.S. If you’d like to read the NY Times article that had me exclaiming, “Yippee”, here’s a link.




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