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An Essential for Finding Meaning at Midlife—Plus a Special Offer!

June '19

It’s summer! Happily, a vacation lies on the horizon for many of us. I’m headed for an island off the coast of Maine in a few weeks for some welcome R&R with family and friends. I hope you have a vacation destination too, where you can unwind to a place of deep relaxation and reap the benefits this down time can bring.

If you are like many midlife women, your workload (on the job, and/or caring for others) has been increasing. As companies go lean and mean, few folks have escaped this reality. The Internet may also be gobbling up more and more of your time. The pace of life, as well, is simply more demanding. For example, if you decided to watch the recent presidential debates you devoted two nights to this venture instead of one.

With all this activity on your plate, how can you possibly find time to create a more meaningful life? Paradoxically you can move forward by slowing down—taking a break, or better yet, a true vacation. At midlife, halting for reflection time is essential if you want to create a significant second half to your life.

There are many ways to support this kind of reflective process—so crucial for a successful midlife transition. One of them is my journaling program, Reinvent Your Life ~ Write Now.

Experts advise keeping a journal at midlife for many reasons. One is to handle the stress of these middle years. It’s a perfect way to vent (no harm-no foul). Plus venting can be incredibly cathartic and even healing as you work through anger and other feelings that lurk beneath anger. In addition, journaling provides the opportunity to clarify your thoughts; writing down any idea requires you to be clear about what it is you think and feel.

Journaling brings you personal insights. Diving into the murky waters of self can bring unexpected solutions to personal challenges for women stuck at the midlife crossroads. The two primary tasks at midlife are to discover your authentic self and learn how to express it in the world. All the outside advice in the world won’t give you answers, because the secret to any successful change lies within you. The inner voyage that journaling naturally requires is just “what the doctor ordered.”

That’s why journaling is the main feature of the eCourse, Reinvent Your Life ~ Write Now. This guided program leads you step by step into a fresh way of living that matches your own wise direction. Nine weeks of structured journaling exercises, motivating stories of other midlife women, plus weekly coaching requests give you to access your own deep wisdom that you can use to create that new life you’ve been dreaming about.

I have a SPECIAL OFFER this month. If you sign up for the eCourse before the end of July, you will receive a FREE coaching session with me ($100 value). Simply purchase Reinvent Your Life ~ Write Now and then send me an email to claim your a FREE session. Not to worry, we’ll schedule a time that works for you. You can sign up for this masterful, midlife journaling program here.

Happy summer days!

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