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7 Whacky Ways to Improve a Gloomy Day

May '19

Last year proved to be a notably rainy one for those of us living in the Mid-Atlantic of the U.S. The Washington Post reported, “The Mid-Atlantic region marked the epicenter of a sopping wet 2018 in the Eastern U.S.” In addition to the rain, what created gloomy mornings, and afternoons was the prevalence of overcast skies, before the rain arrived, or once it departed. This reality provoked me to consider ways to overcome those dreary weather moments. Here are seven.

1. Buy a bouquet, or pot of flowers in your favorite color, or with a special significance. Folks used to associate flowers with a particular meaning, so the flowers, themselves, carried a special message. For example, peonies could mean a happy life, a happy marriage, good health and prosperity, or an orchid could symbolize proud and glorious femininity. What message would you lchoose for yourself, today?

  1. Call a friend across country for a chat—perhaps someone you haven’t spoken with in a while. Since I moved out of state, recently, I’ve always been cheered by calling, or receiving a call from old friend looking for a chat.
  2. Hang out on a pre-school playground. There is nothing like toddlers to lift your spirits—especially when you don’t have any responsibility for them: )
  3. When you whine to yourself, as I do occasionally, when a particular chore (laundry), comes around, consider the difficulty of doing it more than a century ago. A great, great, great… great aunt of mine, who kept a diary during the Civil War once wrote on Saturday, April 27, 1861, This morning we commenced washing. I washed all the forenoon. I do not know when I felt so bad. I was so weak I could hardly stand up. I had a very severe headache.” Next time I put my clothes into a handily located washer and dryer in my apartment, my usual whine may be replaced with a chuckle!
  4. Remember a favorite time with a relative who is no longer with you. My Mom died last month; one of the ways, I’ve been able to lighten my mood is to recall some of the sweeter times with her. Yesterday, I called to mind the times when tucked me in at night with stories about a blue fairy.
  5. If possible, take a walk in the woods, or in a meadow, or by the sea. Focus on the different smells, sounds, and sights around you. Take in the the scent of the pine trees, or marvel at the beauty of a swath of wild flowers, or listen to the soft crashing of waves in the beach.
    In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.—Aristotle

       7. Name 7 things you are grateful for. Why not bring at least one to mind right now?

What way have you found to brighten a gloomy day? It would be great to hear about it and possibly lift someone else’s spirit.

Wishing you happy days ahead!


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