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Can’t Keep Up? How to Find Some Zen plus a Special Offer

January '19

Did you know January is the “hot tea” month? Wonder why I’m bringing this to your attention? Good question. I’ll answer it with another one. What happens when you sit down for a hot cup of tea? That’s right, you stop what you’re doing. And that’s a good thing. To echo an old CocaCola slogan: “It’s the pause that refreshes.”

If you’re like many midlife women, you simply have too much to do, and often solve this problem by starting on your next project the minute the last one is completed. That’s a crazy busy life.

In other words, you don’t take that “pause that refreshes,” and don’t receive the benefits of celebrating a job well done and gaining energy for your next undertaking. It may sound simple, but relaxing with a hot cup of tea for only five minutes can provide the necessary breathing space to congratulate yourself for completing one project and restore your energy before embarking on the next one.

Taking that tea break, or whatever beverage you chose, will alleviate that harassed feeling of to much to do. I thoroughly recommend it as a daily practice. Another fix for your overload dilemma is to cut down the number of items on your to-do list. Sounds simple, but may prove quite challenging. To trim your to-do list, you need to say NO—not always an easy task.

Help is at hand. Week 3 of my nine-week journaling eCourse, Reinvent Your Life ~ Write Now addresses just this concern. To make things even easier, you can purchase the eCourse for a discount of more than 20%. From now to the end of February, it only costs $35.00—you can check it out here.

Why not download this journaling program and sip a cup of hot tea while you read and write in response to the journaling prompts. You will discover ways to say NO and lighten your daily load to move forward more easily.

Happy hot tea month!

P.S. it would be fun to learn what your favorite hot tea is. Mine is Barry’s Breakfast Tea first thing in the morning, then Stash Chai Spice for a break later in the day, and finally Twining’s decaf Earl Grey for relaxing in late afternoon. What’s yours?

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