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5 Bits of Inspiration I Ran Into This Month

July '16

In these days of seeming chaos, I’ve been searching for some thoughts and ideas to inspire you this month. My hunt turned up some treasures in a wonderful variety of situations.

~ I spotted the first one when I walked off the elevator in a rehab center where I was visiting a friend post surgery. Chalked on a small blackboard in front of me was this homily.
In order to thrive, you need three kinds of bones: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.
Loved it!

~ The next week I joined my Stitch and Bitch group for our annual luncheon at the Inn at Castle Hill in Newport, Rhode Island. While seated on the terrace watching the boats sail by as we enjoyed our yummy lunches, one woman replied to another’s story of her recent experience with a saying from her mother.
Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.
How true, I thought, and how important to remember during those times when things don’t work out the way you expected, or hoped.

~ That evening as I followed my daily meditation on Calm, the guide suggested using STOP as a technique when dealing with life’s daily challenges.
S – stop what you are doing
T – take a few deep breaths
O – observe how your body feels
P – proceed with gentleness and compassion
I believed the claim this technique can deescalate your emotional reactions in the heat of the moment.

~ A reader’s response to last month’s newsletter, which asked for contributions to a Midlife Reinvention Alphabet, also grabbed my attention. Lucy Kluckhohn Jones proposed:
K ~ Kind – to be aware of another in one’s daily dealings. (For example, have you chosen a soft way to comment instead of using harsh words?)
I especially appreciated Lucy’s focus of practicing kindness in your daily dealings. It’s so simple to give that woman behind the counter a big smile and express your thanks as you pick up your dry cleaning – an uplift for her day and yours too. By the by,  you can still submit your ideas for this alphabet: I’d love to receive them.

~ Finally, the other night a neighbor and I headed for Newport to see The Music of Strangers – a movie about Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble. While I might have liked a bit more narrative, the music and visual imagery almost lifted me out of my seat – all in all an evening of total inspiration.

That’s what emerged from my month’s quest for snippets of inspiration – hope one or two appealed to you. Should you run across a quote, story, movie, or experience that encouraged you, I’d love to hear it. Please share; we all need ways to lighten our day.

Happy summer to you!


  1. Binglin Li said on July 30, 2016:

    Many a time I want to stop but there are always many irons in the fire. However, STOP is very important.

  2. Bonnie said on July 30, 2016:

    Yes, indeed, Binglin! Thanks for sharing.

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