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Would These Midlife ABC’s Work for You?

June '16

Yesterday I listened to a guided meditation that included a sentence with three words, beginning with A, B, and C consecutively. My mind wandered into wondering if these words might be a great opening for a Midlife Reinvention Alphabet. And yes, I realized I’d entered thought land, and gently brought my focus back to my breathing.

However, the idea of a Midlife Reinvention Alphabet continued to haunt me, so I decided to share these three ABC words with you and then finish the alphabet – hopefully with your help. My idea is that each letter of the alphabet will stand for a state of being that when engaged supports a successful, midlife transition.

Here’s the start.

A ~ Aligned – to be in alignment. (For example, are your daily actions in line with your values?)

B ~ Balanced – being in harmonious or proper arrangement or adjustment, proportion, etc. (For example, are your work and your life in balance?)

C ~ Centered – well balanced and confident or serene. (For example, have you observed that you usually make much better decisions from a centered space?)

You may notice that all these words describe “who you be”, rather than “what you do.” While “being” and “doing” are both important in navigating your way through the midlife passage, focusing on “who you be” before taking action often yields greater rewards.

I’d relish your help in building this “who-you-be” Midlife Reinvention Alphabet and will happily credit your entry if you like. Simple send me your idea for a trait and its letter that you would like to add to the remaining 23 letters? Your letter can come from anywhere in the alphabet, so why not give it a shot?

Look forward to hearing from you,




  1. Lucy (Wales) Kluckhohn Jones said on July 1, 2016:

    K ~ Kind. – to be aware of another in one’s daily dealings. (For example, have you chosen a soft way to comment instead of using harsh words?)

    Hi Bonnie,
    Love your alphabet idea! Hope you are thriving.

  2. Bonnie said on July 1, 2016:

    Great to hear from you, Lucy!
    Love your notion of K for kind in daily doings – thank you! Your comment made me realize I should have noted that folks should feel free to add more than one letter to the alphabet.

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