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Could You Turn Your Midlife Reinvention into a Game?

May '16

Last week a coaching client from California sent me a link to a TED Talk she thought I might like. Clever girl – I did – so much so I decided to share that video in my monthly newsletter.

I was surprised I found this creation called “The Game That Can Give You 10 Extra Years of Life” so compelling. The narrator, Jane McGonigal is a gamer, which holds no particular interest to me, but when she promised she would add 7.5 minutes to my life by the end of her 20 minute talk I couldn’t resist learning exactly how she proposed to do that.

McGonigal not only delivered on her pledge, but also used scientific studies to support her primary conceit that turning any life challenge into a game can benefit you. Since midlife reinvention is a serious life challenge, why not take a gander at the video to learn more about this possibility?

When you’re finished viewing, do return to let me know what you think of it. Also – do tell me whether or not you’d like to see the occasional video in this monthly newsletter going forward.

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