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Don’t Overlook This Midlife Reinvention Essential

April '16

Does listening to the news these days leave you wringing your hands? Are the sad and monstrous stories arriving daily from some part of the globe putting you into a disheartening funk? What about the ugly interchange among some politicians here in the U.S. – along with Mother Nature creating her own surprising disruptions via tornados, hail the size of soft balls, and even unexpected snow?

In addition, you face the daily challenge of staying on top of a life where there is probably too much to do with too little time. In the midst of all this chaos, how can you possibly focus your attention on answering that important midlife question of “what next?” Yet that may be the most important topic of the day for you to consider.

You cannot answer this basic query if you have projects stacked back to back with no down time – time for musing, for breathing, or just being. Midlife reinvention is an inside job and an inner journey requires some time to pause and ponder. That time is the essential ingredient that often goes overlooked in the midst of world chaos and your daily to-do lists. At midlife, you need this down time so answers can bubble up from your subconscious along with time specifically devoted to considering the road ahead.

So how do you find that midlife reinvention essential? I’m currently working on a book that may provide some answers. In Midlife Magic: 7 Days of Self Care, Day 4 presents the self care skill of “Optimal Organization,” where you can learn to organize your life in ways that totally benefit you. The end of each chapter in the book features 10 possible action steps, so you can pick one to implement right away. Here’s one that might start you on a path to snatch a bit of down time for yourself. “Check your TMS (time management system or calendar) to be sure there is breathing time scheduled between each of your events. If not, reschedule one event and claim this space.”

Creating this kind of buffer in your day will add enormously to your sense of well-being in our chaotic world and give you down-time space where new thoughts on “what’s next?” often appear.

Would this step work for you? Why not give it a try? Or have you found another way to thin out your crowded schedule? Please share any ideas you’ve discovered for carving out that essential down time, so we can all benefit.


P.S. One chaos break some friends recommend is watching the amazing video from the Washington, DC Wild Bald Eagles Nest cam.  Check it out if you like,  http://dceaglecam.org/



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