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What Amazing Midlife-Transition Asset Do You Already Own?

January '16

“What’s next?” If you’re a midlife women searching for a more meaningful life, this question probably haunts you – along with others like, “How do I begin to choose work I might love, a lifestyle that fits, or where to live and with whom?” Happily, you have a built-in asset to help answer these queries and guide your search for a more fulfilling future.

That aid is your natural-born gifts. Knowledge of your talents can be remarkably useful as a basis for making both small and large choices like a finding a new career, for example. In looking for a future job, you want to be sure to select one that calls on your gifts. If not, that new position will not bring you much happiness or success.

Have you ever noticed how on one day at work you struggle through the day, watching the clock and waiting for release, while on another day, you have no sense the day has passed. Barring the flu or other unforeseen circumstances, you undoubtedly spent the happier day employing your gifts – i.e. in the gifted zone.

Engaging your talents can bring other benefits. Sharing your gifts to serve others is deeply fulfilling. Think of someone you admire who seems genuinely delighted to help others – the kind of service that is not a sanctimonious drain, but a natural outpouring. She or he has discovered an important “secret” — assisting others by employing your natural gifts is a “gift” within that keeps on giving. Your talents are inexhaustible treasures for sharing, which allow you to serve others with joy and satisfaction.

So what gifts do you want to express and share with the world around you for more fulfillment and happiness? Can you name your top four? If not, exercises and prompts to help unearth these buried treasures can be found in my journaling eCourse, Reinvent Your Life – Write Now. Since our natural talents come automatically for us, we usually find it challenging to see them. The eCourse provides you with step by step instructions so you can locate them.

Why not take advantage of a 20% discount for this eCourse today or tomorrow before it returns to full price on February 1st. Learn more about this journaling eCourse here and free to ask me any questions in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, give your gifts full rein, so you will thrive, not strive, through your days!












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