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A Warning about New Year’s Resolutions with a Special Offer for You

December '15

Where do you want to focus your energies for the coming year? What will you say YES to in 2016? May I give you a warning about making your New Year’s resolutions? Unless you find a way to engage your passions for these enterprises, you may be unsuccessful. Passions are like gasoline; whenever you enlist them in a venture, the excitement they provide powers you forward towards your chosen destination.

Awareness of your passions is a key to success. If you’re eager to discover your own passions, my journaling eCourse, Reinvent Your Life ~ Write Now, includes prompts and exercises that will uncover your top six passions. Once you identify these passions, you can call on them throughout the year to help reach the goals you set for yourself.

For this reason, I’ve reduced the cost of this eCourse from $47 to $35 – a DISCOUNT of more than 20% – for the whole month of January.

In addition to learning your top 6 passions in this eCourse, you will discover your innate gifts, which will also aid you in meeting those resolutions. Since your gifts come easily to you, involving them lightens any work you undertake. Why not sign up for “Reinvent Your Life ~ Write Now,” to make achieving your goals for 2016 more easy and with more fun. You can learn more by tapping or clicking on eCourse.

A Happy New Year to you – make it a good one!

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