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Some Good Advice from a Friend

August '15

My pulse quickened as I lowered my foot on the accelerator to make it through the green light ahead. I didn’t want to be late for the funeral and time was tight – especially if I couldn’t find a quick parking space in the village. Would it be better to park behind the Rite-Aid and walk a few blocks to the service, or take my chances and drive closer to the church? One friend had told me she planned to arrive 40 minutes ahead of time to be sure to find a space

A gentle voice suddenly interrupted my thoughts with the words, “There’s no need to hurry; it’s not important.” The voice belonged to Ann. Ann, who had died unexpectedly days ago. Ann, whose funeral I was attending. Ann, whom I had seen just a week ago at our weekly Stitch and Bitch gathering.

Her calm words assured me all would be well. I lightened my foot’s pressure on the accelerator and easily decided to take my chances at parking close to the church. As you might guess, I arrived on time, located a parking space with no problem and found a seat in a pew with some friends to attend a beautiful service that honored the kindest woman I’ve ever met.

Ann’s giving nature showered kindness on all who knew her. As the minister noted, we wouldn’t be jammed shoulder to shoulder in a packed church on an extremely hot summer’s day, if we hadn’t experienced her tender affection.

Her kindness encouraged people to be kinder to themselves. That simple guiding remark when I was actually rushing to her funeral shifted me from a stressed and tightened state into a calm and more open frame of mind. And this kind of energy always leads you to be more thoughtful to the people around you.

So as you travel through these last days of summer, if you find yourself nervous and rushed, you can remember Ann’s instructive words, “No need to hurry; it’s not important.” In most cases the few minutes saved by rushing won’t make any difference. Relaxing and slowing down, however, will definitely lower your stress level, increase your personal happiness and spread kindness to all around you.

If you have discovered some soothing words for those moments when you find yourself stressed out, I’d love to hear them.

Enjoy these lingering days of summer,

P.S.  I’ve never heard the voice of someone who died before so I really paid attention to Ann’s words.


  1. Roberta Taylor said on September 4, 2015:

    Wonderful advice.

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