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Be Authentic ~ But How?

May '15

“Authenticity” is the latest buzzword bandied about in the media on an almost daily basis. Whether describing politicians or other notables, “authenticity” is a prized portrayal. Self help books also espouse “authenticity” with their “be yourself” prescriptions. While it’s hard to argue with the wisdom of such advice, one of the challenges of your midlife transition is to answer two basic questions, who am I now? And what do I want? If you don’t know who you are and what you want, how can you possibly be “authentic”?

Midlife theorists suggest the first half of life finds you following dictates laid down by your family and culture as you move forward in your life – often very successfully. Then at midlife, emerging feelings of discontent can catch you by surprise and leave you feeling confused and worried. If you wish to accept it, your call to action at this crossroads is to pause for an inner journey and learn more about the woman you have become and what she truly wants now. This inward voyage enables you to construct a more meaningful life for yourself that is true to who you really are – one that is “authentic”.

Guides for such a journey can be very helpful, which is why life coaches are such popular partners for midlife women as they seek answers to these two basic queries. Joining a group of friends with a similar reinvention focus that meets on a regular basis can also be effective. If these options are not open to you, a guided journaling eCourse like my Reinvent Your Life ~ Write Now can provide direction. Since summer is often a time for relaxing and reflection, I’m offering this 9-week program for $35.00 during the month of June – a discount of greater than 20% from the usual cost. To learn more about this eCourse that will empower you to find out more about who you truly are and what you really want, click or tap here.

May summer’s arrival find you happily engaged in exploration and discovery,



  1. Jenni Zielke said on May 31, 2015:

    Well said! Thank you for acknowledging my feelings in your offering.

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