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Is “More” Always Better?

April '15

Yesterday, as I was about to order an intriguing report, I noticed four extra bonus reports included as an incentive to buy. I paused, and with a small sigh hopped off the sales page. I just didn’t want to bring any “more” stuff into my house that I didn’t need or want. How about you? Do you find yourself motivated by bonus reports or free samples, or a mug thrown in to provoke a purchase?

I suspect that unless the extra report, sample, or mug is something you want, a bonus will not sway your buying decision and may even dissuade you – the way it did me. This ability to determine what you truly want is just what you need at midlife when you’re working to construct meaningful reinvention for yourself.

Discerning what you really want applies to almost every aspect of your life. For example, Jessie told me about the day she actually said no to a request that she help out with a volunteer day in her town. She’d participated in this event for the past five years, but realized this year she would rather spend the time trying out a new recipe that intrigued her.  (Jesse wisely understood that trying to do both would definitely not add to the quality of her life.) While her decision to forgo “volunteer day” sounds like a small matter, it’s a “big deal.” Taking the time to pause, and ask herself what she truly wanted actually put Jesse on the reinvention path. Volunteering out of habit would have left her by the side of the road.

Sarah provides another example. She loved the new pair of jeans she tried on at a local boutique and bought them. Later as she was trying to cram them into a drawer packed with clothes, she realized she might not feel the same way about all the items in that drawer. On the spur of the moment, she plowed through each piece and bagged the clothes she no longer truly loved. After dropping them off at a local charity, her feeling of satisfaction surprised her.  She also found herself smiling the next morning when she opened the cleared drawer. In this case “less” was better.

What about you? In what arena of your life are you determining what you truly love? Or where would you like to focus this kind of attention? I’d love to learn about your experiences – either positive or negative.

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  1. Roberta Taylor said on May 13, 2015:

    Lots of lessons in this issue – time to declutter, don’t get guilted into what you don’t really want to do, listen to your own desires and act on them, less sometimes is more.

  2. Bonnie said on May 13, 2015:

    What a great summary, Roberta!
    Thank you so much,

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