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Can You Really Trust Your Own Guidance System

January '15

When you wake up in the morning and tune into the news, whether on TV, on your phone, or in the newspaper that landed on your doorstep, you may feel disheartened. Reports from around the world seem to describe chaos somewhere on our planet every day. So how do you learn to live in the midst of these chaotic times and additionally find your way through the midlife passage?

In my experience, tapping into your own guidance system is the best answer for meeting both of these challenges. Every woman has this ability to listen to the intuitive hunches that reflect the wisdom from her own guidance system, but learning how to tune into a wisdom that does not come from the rational brain takes a bit of time. Here are a few ways to begin.

Meditation. Meditating only 5-10 minutes a day will help you begin to release the mental chatter that is sometimes called “monkey mind”, so you can rest in a deeper place where your intuitive juices flow. To meditate, simply sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. When thoughts arise, or sounds in the background distract you, simple let them float away and return your attention to your breath – relaxing more and more with each breath.

Practice. You can also become more aware of your intuitive hunches as you bring your attention to them and how they feel. An intuitive sense feels both true and oddly neutral. For example, a hunch about how to deal with a situation would never be an action that pushes against a person. As you become more familiar with your intuition, you will come to trust its wisdom.

Journaling. Journaling without pausing to think about what you are going to say, can also help you tap this internal guidance system. (This will be more easily accomplished if you keep your pen moving for a certain period of time, ex: 5-10 minutes.)

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Meanwhile, I wish you some calm weather wherever you live, and lots of love for Valentine’s Day,



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