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Six Steps for Easing the Midlife Transition

October '14

A banner with six words caught my eye recently. Stretched on a crosswalk in the Science Center at Wellesley College, its white letters against a blue background spell out some excellent daily advice for making your way through the midlife transition – or any transition for that matter.

EAT                    IMG_0655

So how to follow the advice these steps suggest?

EAT ~ Your body needs full nourishment to help you navigate the turbulent waters of midlife. Why not provide it with food every day that will make it truly happy and give it sustained energy?

SLEEP ~ This is another daily basic. The more you give your body the rest it requires each night, the more energy you have the next day. Furthermore, the sleep you get between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am is the most restorative for you.

WANDER ~ According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of wander is, “to move around or go to different places usually without having a particular purpose or direction.”  At midlife when you’re uncertain about what’s next, this kind of mental or physical activity can be unexpectedly rewarding.

LIKE ~ A daily practice of appreciation or gratitude for the happenings of the day leads to a happier life. In my Journaling eCourse , I suggest a nightly ritual of outlining five things that you were grateful for, appreciated, or made you happy during the day from the sweet scent of a rose to the birth of a grandchild.

LEARN ~ You cannot help but learn if you engage in the kind of exploring described under wander and even as you note and appreciate the joys you experience every day. And, as Dr. Seuss says, “the more you learn, the more places you will go.”

RENEW ~ Once you take the five steps outlined above, you will naturally renew your acquaintance with both yourself and the world around you and refresh your days as you move forward to a more meaningful life.

You may already take some of these steps every day. I’d love to learn specifically how you implement them. What works for you? Please share. I really appreciate and respond to every comment!

Thanks so much,

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