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3 Tips for Finding More at Midlife

August '14

As a woman who is 40 or beyond, you may well be ready to hit the pause button and craft a whole new beginning for the second half of your life. You belong to an unprecedentedly large wave of relatively healthy and well-educated women – reinventing themselves at the midpoint of their lives and charting new paths for the decades ahead. These 3 Tips for Finding More at Midlife, if you take them to heart, may well boost your courage and your confidence what can be a life-changing adventure.

Tip 1: Get ready for an inner journey.

According to Carl Jung, you most likely spent the first half of your life doing everything you could to adapt to the outer world. You obtained an education, built relationships, found work and developed interests that pleased you. But now comes a fascinating shift; during this second half of life it’s time to focus on and explore your inner world. There’s always more inside you than you think there is! As a first step, in moments of quiet, you can begin to examine who you truly are and what you really want. If you prefer a more guided approach for this kind of self-reflection, check out my Journaling eCourse, Reinvent Your Life ~ Write Now.

Tip 2: Exercise extreme self-care.

Folks are living longer. Are you ready for decades more? As life becomes an ultramarathon instead of a 100-yard dash, pacing yourself becomes more and more important. A central aspect of such pacing is genuine self care. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you need – how on earth would they know! Listen for what you truly need in different areas of your life. What does your body require right now? What would your mind find stimulating? What feelings call for your attention? How are you feeding your soul? Self care is such a critical companion for your midlife journey that I’ve started writing a book – well, actually, I’m half way through writing a book – called Midlife Magic: 7 Days of Self Care. (Any and all encouragement for this venture will be appreciated!)

Tip 3: Practice pioneering.

You are perched on the leading edge of how midlife and beyond can be lived. If you want to seize the day and grab this opportunity for reinvention, you’ll need some skills for going it alone.  Now is the time to listen to your inner voice a whole lot more than you listen to anything else. Practice trusting your heart and your gut as you begin to chart your own authentic course, since your own judgment will have to be your guide. Search out those activities that move you out of your comfort zone and help you discover your potential.

Finally, as usual, I’d love to know if any of these tips prove to be useful to you, or if you’ve already been experimenting with one or two of them. And if there is a topic you’d like me to explore in future newsletters, please let me know.

Happy Labor Day!



  1. Roberta Taylor said on August 31, 2014:

    Great message, especially about the self-care. It takes awhile to stop feeling guilty about indulging yourself, but, boy, does it feel good. It also helps because a healthy body makes life a lot sweeter, especially when accidents (like mine) happen. Recovery is faster when you take care of yourself.

  2. Linda Andrade Rodrigues said on September 1, 2014:

    Reserve a signed copy of “Midlife Magic” for me, Bonnie. Blessings, Linda

  3. Bonnie said on September 1, 2014:

    Hi Roberta!
    Love your comment about getting over feeling guilty about indulging ourselves. You’ve touched on the self care skill of DAY 1: Self Compassion. Sending you wishes that your healthy body is healing easily.

  4. Bonnie said on September 1, 2014:

    Hi Linda!
    Just the encouragement I needed! Thank you. And I will indeed reserve a signed copy for you.

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