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5 Evocative Questions for A Woman at Midlife

April '14

I thought it might be fun to switch things up a bit for this month’s edition of Midlife Discovery. After reading a recent interview with Anna Gunn of “Breaking Bad” fame, I was surprised to find myself focusing more on the questions posed to this talented actress than on the answers.

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while, you know I believe the secret to a successful midlife transition is understanding “it’s an inside job!” But without any guidance, this journey inward can be challenging, which is why I found the interview questions in the February ’14 issue of “More” magazine so compelling. They demand reflection. They are probes that require you to dip below your conscious mind and locate answers in the subconscious realm, which more accurately reflects your authentic self.

I have listed these five interview questions of Margot Dougherty’s below. I encourage you to respond to them quickly with whatever comes to mind after reading each one. Grab a pen if you like, and write down your answers. You should be able to complete all of them in a few minutes. Let’s go.

1. What do you appreciate more as you age?

2. More women should…

3. What do you cherish more than anything else?

4. What is more important to you today than it was 20 years ago?

5. As more women seek to age gracefully, what’s your advice?

These queries are much like the journaling prompts in my nine-week journaling program, Reinvent Your Life ~ Write Now, which takes you on an inner voyage to learn what you need for the journey, who you truly are now and what you really want.

This kind of reflective process is often enhanced if you embark on it with a partner, or a group of women. For this reason I have just updated the FREE “Guide for Running a Midlife Journaling Group”, which is yours, if you wish, after purchasing the program. (You can learn more about the program here.)  

Meanwhile what did you discover about yourself in answering these 5 questions? What were some of your answers? Anything surprise you?

Love to hear from you,


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