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“What Should I Do Next?”

March '12

This challenging midlife puzzler propelled Mark S. Walton to find answers by interviewing people across America and then researching new discoveries in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, human performance, creativity and happiness.

He details the results of his reconnaissance in a recent book called, Boundless Potential: How to Transform Your Brain, Unleash Your Talents, and Reinvent Your Work in Midlife and Beyond. While blogging about the book, Walton notes the first major outcome of his extensive exploration.

“State-of-the-art neuroscience has revealed that we are hard-wired for reinvention through the emergence of extraordinary new creative and intellectual powers in life’s second half.” I found this phrase “hard-wired” wonderfully comforting and wished I’d encountered it earlier.

At midlife, I found it increasingly hard to ignore the depth charge that seemed to have gone off in my psyche. A typical trigger event sent me spiraling into a midlife crisis when I realized the life I worked so hard to create no longer fit. My younger son headed off to college leaving me with a very empty nest as a single mother. That void catalyzed a midlife voyage that took me literally around the world on a year’s sabbatical.

In my confused, bewildered state, knowledge that I was “hard-wired” for reinvention could have assured me I possessed the resources to navigate the rough road ahead. After a challenging (and illuminating) year of circumnavigating the globe on my own, another two years passed before I discovered my answer to that perennial midlife query, “What should I do next?”

Looking back, I could have accelerated that time frame with some focused support. As a life coach, that knowledge motivates me to create the kind of space that empowers women to tap their “hard-wired” talents more easily and lay the groundwork for a more meaningful second half more effectively.

Now, in addition to my life coaching, I’m developing a new option to help midlife women locate the answer to “What Next?” as they seek a successful second act. As I mentioned last month, I’m working on a new desktop journaling program called, Reinvent Your Life ~ Write Now. Any question or comment you may have about this latest venture of mine will be gratefully received!

More soon!


  1. jgildersleeeve said on March 30, 2012:

    I certainly hope I can be hard wired for reinvention with regards
    to the ipad!JMG

  2. Bonnie said on March 30, 2012:

    I’m betting you are! And that your iPad becomes your new best friend: )

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