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An Extra Day – What’s Your Plan?

February '12

It’s Leap Year – yes it is folks! We have an extra day. How do you plan to spend this bonus time that arrives on your doorstep every four years?  Here’s a menu of possibilities for your consideration…

Catch some Z’s. Not a bad idea. Many of us are a little sleep deprived. And who can function well when they’re short on sleep? Dream away!

Tackle those low-priority tasks that have been patiently awaiting your attention. For me, that means the small stuff like sorting through that stack of papers that needs filing. Or, perhaps a simple closet inspection, followed by a trip to the Morgan Memorial. Or maybe an extended clearing party with your email inbox.

Play all day. You’ll get no argument from me with this approach. Why not schedule a day in your life where all you do is play?  Venture forth on a road trip with your gal pals, or how about a day where you simply move from moment to moment doing exactly what you want?

Embark on a new project. According to the Myers-Briggs Inventory, I’m the type who loves to come up with new ideas and start new projects. Truth to tell, an inkling of a concept for an eBook has been haunting me with an increasingly louder voice. What glimpses of new projects frequent your abode?

Bring an ongoing project to completion. Yes, I am working on another project. Right now I’m immersed in developing a unique desktop journaling program and planning its launch. Later this spring, I’ll disclose more about this program designed for women craving a different life.

Out of the five options listed above – as well as others, which I’ll bet you can imagine – what’s your choice for how to take advantage of the extra day this year?  Remember, this bonus day does not have to fall on February 29th; you can take it any time! As for me, I’m wavering between play all day (the how yet to be decided) and work on the ongoing project I described above.

Do let me know what you decide; we can all steal your good ideas. A very talented sculptor once shocked me by saying, “all artists are thieves.” After a bit, I realized he was right. Theft here is truly a tribute, since any artist will put her own natural spin on another artist’s vision. So do tell us your ideas; why not share the wealth?

Happy Leap Day,

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