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“Reinvent Your Life” TeleClass

September '10

On Wednesday evenings, you’ll find me in my local bagel shop teaching a course, called, “Reinvent Your Life ~ Write Now” (based on the pre-publication copy of my book, The Midlife Woman’s Journal.) Participants have been so enthusiastic that I wanted to give folks living further away a similar opportunity.

I’m pleased to announce a new 4-Week TeleSeminar Series, (also called “Reinvent Your Life ~ Write Now.”) A teleseminar means you can profit from wise ideas, individual exercises and personal coaching without traveling from your home, or office. You simply listen to sessions on your telephone – or listen later at your convenience, since the classes are recorded for participants. And you also receive a PDF download each week so you can participate in all the activities.

To kick off the series, I’m offering a FREE TeleClass, called “How to Start Reinventing Your Life” on Tuesday, October 19th at 8:00 pm ET. As its title suggests, this teleclass is aimed at women who want to begin constructing a life of meaning and purpose.

I’ve been busy of late. In fact, everyone I know seems to be more occupied than usual, so I’ve been searching for ways to say grounded in the midst of all this hectic activity. Mini-mini breaks seem to be one solution. You can try one. [Simply cease your current activity, let your eyes close, go inward, and focus on your breathing for a minute. Notice any feelings (ex: frustration, resentment, sadness), allow them to move, then open your eyes. Use your senses to anchor you in the present by observing any sounds, any movements, any sights, etc.] How did that go for you? Now what approaches do you use to keep your soul happy during this slightly crazy time on the planet? Let us hear.

Meanwhile, I’d love to have you sign up for the FREE TeleClass and experience what it can mean to start diving into your own life and find that “more inside you.”

Happy Fall,


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