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Midlife Job Jitters

April '10

Career malaise is common for many women at midlife, as they yearn for meaningful work that reflects the women they have become. Inertia often accompanies this angst, but life events have a way of jolting you out of immobility and into a job search.

A variety of life triggers have this power. Maybe you’ve been a stay-at-home Mom and your kids will soon be in school full time, so you wonder if it’s time to return to full-time, or part time work.  And if you do, should you pursue a new direction, or pick up where you left off with your former career? Or maybe, your kids are heading off to college leaving an empty space in your house and in your role as mother.  How will you fill it?  Or perhaps, you arrive home from work every day drained dry from a job that empties your emotional tank rather than filling it. Or, maybe the recession has led to a lay-off for you. Even if you see your lay-off as an opportunity to locate yourself in a more fulfilling field, what would that be?

Whatever your life circumstances, you realize you want a new job and a more compelling future, but how to begin? While your first instinct may be to update your resume, attend networking events, check out available jobs online, and contact friends and acquaintances, I recommend you shift your gaze inward.

In my own personal experience, and in the decades spent empowering woman to re-imagine their lives, I’ve learned a single truth about successful reinvention – it’s an inside job! So in any job search, I suggest you focus your energy on exploring your inner landscapes before you look outside for that new position.

This hard, inner work will reap big benefits. First and foremost, your heart will be engaged in your job search, and believe me, there is no better companion for this task. You’ll also hunt for positions with companies that match your values, because you’ll know what they are.  When you go for interviews and face that familiar question about your strengths, or skill sets, you’ll be able to respond with confidence, because you’ll have uncovered and named them for yourself. And finally, you’ll know whether or not this position puts you on your path of purpose.

You have to know who you are and what you want, before you can create a reliable road map for your future, whether you’re engaged in a job search, or not. And if you are hunting for a new job, good luck!

Happy exploring,

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