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Thanks for Gifts

November '07

Last week I headed north to celebrate my birthday with a circle of friends who have been meeting together around one member’s kitchen table for more than a decade. Over the years we have seen kids grow up, old jobs go, new jobs come, loved ones die, trips taken, and new grandchildren arrive. One member even delivered one of her own grandchildren!

I’m not sure what ingredients make this mix of people so powerful and enduring. I know we share more than a dollop of intelligence, along with a raw curiosity about seemingly everything, plus an affection for great food and unstoppable laughter.

While these common factors may unite us, another key to our longevity might be the appreciation we have for the unique gifts each of the others brings to the table. (And it is a long table, always beautifully set, with room for all and groaning with epicurean food.)

I’ll let you in on a little secret; this appreciation for personal gifts is one of the reasons I enjoy my work as a Life Coach so much. I’ve always had a bit of the detective in me, so I relish going on a talent hunt with my clients to discover their GIFTS. And I get a kick out of seeing how their lives improve when they focus on engaging these talents in their day-to-day living.

So I have a request for you this Thanksgiving. In addition to giving thanks for all the blessings you’ve received, why not take time to acknowledge the unique gifts you bring to this world? And while you’re at it, you can play detective too and mentally note one special talent for each person seated around your Thanksgiving table. This rampage of appreciation may even add to your holiday pleasure!

Happy Turkey Day,

Bonnie Leonard, EdD
Certified Life Coach