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September ‘ 07 ~ September Song

September '07

When Luciano Pavarotti died last week, I listened with fascination to the many reprieves of his music and his life. It was a joy to hear that magnificent voice of his sally forth again into a dazzling array of classical and popular tunes. When you have a talent like his, it’s easy to discern. As Pavarotti, himself, once acknowledged, “God kissed my vocal cords.”

For many of us, however, our gifts aren’t so obvious. While it’s almost child’s play to spot musical and artistic talent, it’s more difficult to ascertain that we’ve been endowed with a talent for making memories, or creating something neat out of junk, or finding our way in a new environment. (And by the way, for those of us who are geographically challenged, don’t we love traveling with someone who has this gift!)

One hindrance to discovering our gifts is that they come so easily and so automatically for us, we fail to notice them. Yet, when we can engage and develop our natural talents, we enter a pleasant, even blissful, state of flow and feel a natural sense of mastery. And, serendipitously, we also contribute to the world around us.

What about you? On a scale of 0 to 10, how well are you engaging your unique gifts each day? If you rated yourself a 9 or a 10, I’ll bet your days are filled with delight. But if your rating is below a 5, what are you waiting for? The world needs your talents. What if Pavarotti had decided to sing only upon occasion, instead of devoting his life to music?

As a start, maybe you need greater clarity about those talents of yours in order to employ them more often. I start my work with each of my Life Coaching clients by helping her to discover her unique GIFTS, PASSIONS, VALUES and PURPOSE. By the end of our two Coaching Launch sessions, each client knows what she’s great at, what she loves, what’s important to her, and what her life mission is meant to be. With a greater knowledge of who she is, we then go about determining what she wants and how to get there.

Meanwhile, may the sweet song of autumn reach your ears effortlessly this year.


Bonnie Leonard EdD, CLC

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