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August ‘ 07 ~ On the Road Again

August '07

I’ve had a love affair with the state of Maine ever since I spent a week there with my best friend in third grade. Small wonder I’m almost ready to move there after spending six, glorious days driving along the coast.

Those of you who know Maine will understand my euphoric enthusiasm for its friendly folks, clean air, coastal beauty and ‘yummy’ lobster rolls. I’m not a fan of those big-city lobster rolls with tarragon, or some other fancy spice; just give me a grilled hot-dog roll filled with freshly caught, cooked and cleaned Maine lobster mixed with a little mayo.

I spent the first night of my road trip in York Beach with my younger son and his family. Long sandy beaches, a child-friendly amusement park and a small zoo make this town a perfect place for kids – and grandmothers! After a delectable time with family, I hit the road again for a series of visits with friends – spending each night at a different port of call, except for the last two.

On those nights, I stayed in Phippsburg with some new friends in their gorgeous home overlooking the Kennebec River. Who wouldn’t love the opportunity for wonderful conversation and a guest room with walls covered in a not-quite green, not-quite blue color called “iced teal”?

These six, rejuvenating days in coastal Maine came on the heels of my eight, magical days in Tuscany the month before. As you can see, I’ve filled the summer of 2007 with some serious down time. It’s a change in rhythm that’s been so rejuvenating, I plan to continue apace until the sun sets too early and the crisp air of fall arrives.

This easy-living mode probably signals that some seeds of change are sprouting and will, undoubtedly, emerge shortly. Experience has shown me that rest and relaxation are a crucial part of the creative process. So when I feel the urge to slow down, I follow it and trust that when my batteries are fully charged, I’ll be ready to move in new directions. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, may I recommend that you enjoy the remaining, lazy days of summer and if the words “road trip” are repeating themselves over and over in your brain, why not slow down and heed the call!

Happy unwinding,

Bonnie Leonard EdD, CLC