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July ‘ 07 ~ Summer Blessings

July '07

You may have noticed that I’m a bit late with this July newsletter. Summer arrived this year with such manifestation of big and little dreams that I’ve been having too much fun to slow down and reflect. (Not to say that reflecting isn’t enjoyable – just different.)

For years I’ve been wanting to go to Tuscany. It was not a trip I’d planned or saved for – just a wish strongly planted a decade ago during a guided visualization in a coaches-training course. (It’s actually the same visualization I use with my individual clients when I personally guide them though the Compasswise™ Procgram as a launch for our Weekly Coaching.)

At any rate, guess what? Toward the end of last month I went to visit my son and his wife who are both on sabbatical in Pisa along with their two girls. And for those of you who, like me, are unfamiliar with Italian geography, Pisa is in Tuscany – who knew? It was a journey of absolute joy from beginning to end. I’m always happy with family and I was missing these folks because I hadn’t seen them since December.

They had cleverly located a wonderfully large apartment right in the heart of the city with a separate bedroom and bath for guests like me. As we sat in the high-ceilinged living room on the first night of my visit, my son asked what I wanted to do during my stay with them. In one long breath, I replied, “Go to Lucca, visit a Tuscan hill town and spend a day in Florence.” And they brilliantly arranged for it all.

There’s not enough space to describe how splendidly each day unfolded with one pleasurable moment following another, but if you click here you’ll find two photos of the Luminara festival in Pisa. What seem to be lights are actually individual candles – thousands and thousands of them mounted on the shutters of buildings and lit for the festival. The fireworks you see are exploding above a bridge over the Arno – the river that runs through the city. The third photo is of yours truly on top of a bell tower in Lucca. And, yes, I’m in the shadow of an actual tree growing on the top – welcome shade indeed after climbing all those steps on a summer afternoon. As you can imagine, I’m deeply grateful to my son and daughter-in-law (and grandchildren) for their thoughtfulness and generosity in providing me with one of the happiest adventures of my life.

It was hard to come home, but the weather gods helped. The week of my return saw perfect New England days in the 70’s with nights in the 60’s – days with no need for air conditioners and perfect for heading back into the garden to catch up on weeding and planting. It even rained a few nights to help water in my newly added morning glories. Plus the tall ships came to town! In an aside, as I was driving to yoga class with a neighbor, I mentioned that I wanted to go see the tall ships. Three days later a friend called to say her daughter and son-in-law would love to have me join them on their boat to go view the tall ships in Newport! And I did. And they were gorgeous. And we had a blast.

So, my wish for you this July is that your dreams, whether big of small, come true ASAP. And when they do, I know you will feel as profoundly blessed and appreciative as I do these days.

Happy relaxing,

Bonnie Leonard EdD, CLC