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April ‘ 07 ~ The Wisdom of Grandchildren

April '07

When my first grandchild arrived, I knew I would thoroughly relish my new role as a grandmother. I loved raising my kids, so why wouldn’t grandparenting be a great adventure too? What I didn’t foresee was that my grandchildren (the first one was followed by three more) would turn out to be such amazing teachers. I’ve been astonished by the innate wisdom this generation is bringing onto the planet. My friends and I often swap stories about the wise comments we hear from these newly arrived Zen masters. One such saying informed my own life just other day.

I was driving back from the grocery store with foodstuffs to restock my cupboard and fridge following a week attending a workshop in Malibu. Even with two full days back in Rhode Island, I was still having a hard time adjusting. After traveling, I usually open my front door and land happily back in familiar territory, but not this time. Perhaps for this reason, I didn’t want to go home and put my groceries away; I just wanted to keep driving. And then I remembered one of those wise comments – this one from my second grandchild – “I go where my feet take me.”

“So why not keep my foot on the accelerator and continue driving – with no goal or direction?” (I’m a girl who likes a destination!) “Hmmm – I could always check out that new shop in Narragansett that someone mentioned the other day.” So instead of turning off the Boston Post Road to head home, I continued South. The bleak view out my car window of dun-colored grasses rimming the grey waters of Narragansett Bay was in stark contrast to my recent memory of riotous flowers in the Malibu hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. While the calendar proclaimed spring, my vista argued otherwise.

As I drove further, I found the shop, but I didn’t stop. I didn’t need to. Somehow the winter-like Rhode Island landscape had regained its former beauty in my eyes. I had lost an hour out of my day, but I was truly home again thanks to following the directive of my grandchild!

So what can you find, if you go “where your feet take you?”

Happy adventuring,

Bonnie Leonard EdD,

Certified Life Coach

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