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January ‘ 07 ~ The Missing Step in Making Resolutions

January '07

The New Year is a time when we go about the business of reinventing ourselves. We pause to reflect on our lives, consider specific changes we want to make and develop resolutions for the coming year.

When launching any new creation (and making resolutions is all about creating a “new you”), you’ll be more successful if you bring your previous creations to full completion by honoring your effort and achievements.

In my life coaching work, I notice that my clients tend to gloss over their successes. As talented and evolving women, when their goals are met, they eagerly move onto the next creation without taking time to recognize all they have attained. To foster their personal advancement, I often encourage them to find ways of celebrating their accomplishments – and they are, indeed, a very accomplished group of women!

So as you make your resolutions for the New Year, I invite you to sit down and review the past year, mentally noting, or writing down, all your achievements. You can start by recording the things you have done (like going to the gym 3x a week) and then continue by spotting progress in the realm of who you are becoming. (Have you been a bit kinder this past year? Are you more relaxed as a person?)

Why not make your list and check it twice before cooking up those resolutions for 2007? If you do, I believe your future triumphs will be greater. May the coming year be a happy, prosperous and magical one for you!


Bonnie Leonard EdD

Certified Life Coach

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