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December ‘ 06 ~ A Mini Miracle at Macys

December '06

Shopping malls are my least favorite places this time of year, but on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, I headed for one. Desperation drove me there. At the end of last summer I purchased a corduroy jacket at Macy’s. The jacket’s olive-brown color looked great then, but by the time the weather had turned cool enough to wear it, my summer tan had faded and its color was “oh so” wrong.

Of course I had long since thrown away the sales slip, but the tag was still attached so I was optimistic about obtaining a refund. Clearly my return attempt couldn’t wait until after the holiday season, so off to the mall I went.

The sales woman at Macy’s was happy to take the jacket, but without the sales slip, she could only credit my account for the current price, which was $50 less than I’d paid originally. I expressed my disappointment and sighed a bit as she patiently explained that’s the way it was – things just got marked down on a regular basis. I sighed again and asked her to go ahead and credit my account.

Then the miracle occurred. As she slipped my credit card into the machine and swiped the tag to credit my return, the full amount of the purchase price appeared! “Quick” she said conspiratorially, “Sign for the credit!” You can bet I did.

Elated, I exited the store in a most grateful mood. On the drive home, I went over and over the details of the interaction in my mind and relived the pleasure I received from it.

There’s an old adage that what you give attention to grows. And there’s some new brain research to support this notion of focus as power. Turns out the mental act of concentrating attention on an experience over time, via a thought, an image, or a strong emotion, stabilizes the brain circuits associated with that experience. (If you would like the reference for this research, you can send me an email.)

Well, my mini miracle grew. The next week as I was purchasing a new fall jacket at Talbots, the sales clerk gave me 15% off the purchase price without the requisite coupon. The following day at Wal-Mart’s, a sales clerk hunted all around the store to hand me the clear plastic bags I was seeking to wrap contributions for a local bake sale. And on the next day, for no apparent reason, a woman on the phone waived the standard $10 fee for sending some MRI’s via CD to my physician.

Evidently, where you place your attention is important, so be careful with your focus. Perhaps you’ll manifest some mini miracles and maybe even a big one this December!

Happy Holidays,

Bonnie Leonard EdD

Certified Life Coach