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November ‘ 06 ~ A Storm’s Abundance

November '06

Last Saturday when I awoke to howling wind, darkened skies and driving rain, I decided it was a perfect morning to curl up with a good book. Then I remembered it was the final day of the season for our local farmer’s market.

I head for this market with a good friend every Saturday from May until October. We weave our way from tent to tent in ritualistic fashion, purchasing organic produce and flowers, as well as pasture-raised chicken, grass-fed beef and lamb, plus some terrific artisanal products. We always start our perambulations with a cup of iced or hot coffee made with locally-roasted beans. But my friend was out of town — all the more reason for settling into a comfy chair with a new work of fiction.

But I didn’t! I donned my slicker and plowed through the wind to my car. (This was a storm that knocked down power lines and turned out the lights in over 5000 homes.) Ten minutes later, I was turning through the stone posts that flank the dirt road to Casey Farm – an historic working farm built in the 1800’s.

En route, I wondered if the market would be cancelled, but the wooden sign at the entrance assured me it was open. As I drove up to the parking space in front of the barn, I noticed the field was not dotted with its usual tables and white tents. But I spotted an open door to the barn and found the farmers and their wares huddled inside.

As I entered the door, I was greeted with a round of applause in appreciation for my arrival. Evidently I was the first customer. I expressed my own thanks to the venders on my way out loaded down with largess – a stalk of brussel sprouts, a bag full of fresh Fuji apples, a whole chicken for roasting, a roll of fresh goat cheese with chive, and half dozen oatmeal-raison cookies. I drove home happy and content.

So what got me out of the house and into that formidable gale? Turns out it was one of my values. Our values define what’s important to us and can be our finest motivators. Through an exercise like the ones in the Compasswise ProgramTM, I learned that my top value is the beauty of the earth, which you might not be surprised to learn includes an admiration for locally-grown, organic food. When we honor our values, we feel fulfilled. While I got a kick out of the kudos from the farmers as I entered the barn, the internal applause for taking an action aligned with my values is what created my feeling of contentment. This sensation was enhanced later when I curled up with a hot cup of tea, an oatmeal-raison cookie and a book from the library!

And speaking of the earth’s abundance, may I wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!


Bonnie Leonard EdD, CLC

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