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October ’06 ~ The Bumper Sticker That Made Me Look Twice

October '06

Last week as I was slipping into the last parking space in front of a very busy Japanese restaurant, I noticed a blue and white bumper sticker on the car in front of me. It read, change the way you see, not the way you look.

Now that message made me look twice! I’m a sucker for makeovers of all kinds – kitchens, bathrooms, clothes, hair, houses – you name it. So it’s no surprise this message caught my eye initially. What made me look a second time was the proscription to change the way you see.

We can all use a little makeover on the way we view others and world around us, but the way we see ourselves is probably in need of greater change. More often than not, we put on “mean-girl” glasses when it comes to observing ourselves – which doesn’t make for a happy self or a happy life.

So where can we find “generous-girl”, or even “extravagant-girl” glasses? One way to locate them is to remember the ones we don when propping up a friend or encouraging a child. The trick here is to continue wearing these “generous girl” specs when we turn our attention back to ourselves. It’s a bit tempting and dare I say, even habitual, to set them aside and grab the familiar “mean-girl” shades.

This common habit is one of the reasons I guide each of my new clients through the Compasswise(TM) Program and introduce her to her better self – her most powerful self – her real self. It’s much easier to keep those “generous girl” glasses on your nose, when you’ve just finished naming all that’s unique and great about you.

So let’s put on our “generous-girl”, or even “extravagant-girl” specs for the whole month of October. Why don’t we see if we can keep them on until Halloween!

Happy viewing,

Bonnie Leonard, EdD, CLC

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